Frequent Ask Question | Mobile phpBB 3

Q: Do you have any suggestion before I use this module?
A: I suggest you setup an empty phpBB 3 forum, install my module on it and do testing there before on your real forum.

Trouble Shooting
Q: I get a blank page, what should I do?
A: Check your web site PHP error log. If there is any syntax error message, update the code according to this message and my package Installation procedure. If you still get the blank page, write email to me with your web site URL, I will try to help you.

Q: I get a "undefined" error, what should I do?
A: This is caused by some PHP function in my code is not supported in your environment -- my PHP version is later than yours. Please let me know your web site URL and the page you get this error. I will try to find a workaround.

How To
Q: How to setup a redirection to MphpBB3 entrance?
A: Assume your forum is located at: "". You would like to setup a redirection: "", which redirects to mobile-friendly entrance of your forum: "".
1. Go to your web site administration control panel (such as cPanel, not your phpBB 3 administration control panel).
2. Choice Domains -> Subdomains.
3. Create a new subdomain: "".
4. Select "Manage Redirection" (of this new subdomain), set the redirection value as "".
End users can now go to the mobile-friendly entrance by enter "" in their mobile web browser address bar.

Q: How can end users save MphpBB3 URL as an App icon on their mobile home screens?
A: Following link describes the solution for iPhone. Android has the similar solution.

Q: How to switch to "classic" phpBB 3 style/theme?
A: Click the "Options" button on top left corner of each MphpBB3 page, then select "Switch to desktop style".

Q: How to switch back to MphpBB3 style/theme (if one end user has switched to "classic" phpBB 3)?
A: Enter "", or "" if you have set up this redirection, which redirects to "".

Q: How can I personalize the header and/or footer of my MphpBB3 web pages?
A: MphpBB3 package "readme.txt" file Configuration section provides the procedure. In detail, you can add your web site logo and/or advertisement to the header of each mobile-friendly web page, and add your web site information to the footer of mobile-friendly homepage.

Q: How to switch User Agents in desktop browsers?
A: Here is a good answer.

Q: How can I find out my web browser User-Agent string?
A: You can use Google to find some User-Agent detection utilities, for example this one.