PWAMP WordPress

PWAMP WordPress

PWAMP WordPress is a WordPress plugin, it converts WordPress into both first load cache-enabled of PWA and lightning fast load time of AMP style.

(Since there are already several popular WordPress AMP plugins, why do you develop a new one?) To get AMP compatible pages, the common approach is to find the right WordPress hooks, extend scripts to generate AMP pages. To improve AMP page layout, the common approach is to add new WordPress templates to generate new layout pages. My solution is, after WordPress generates (non-AMP) pages, I convert/transcode them into AMP and new layout ones.

PWAMP WordPress

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PWAMP WordPress Premium

PWAMP WordPress Premium is the premium version of PWAMP WordPress.

PWAMP WordPress provides AMP style based on WordPress default theme. If you want the AMP style is based on your current theme/convert your current theme into AMP style, I can do a personal conversion for you — PWAMP WordPress Premium. It is a paid service, the price depends how complicated your web site is and how much conversion you want to make. Write email to me, let me know your web site URL, then we can have more communication.

Hestia 2
Illdy 2
Shapely 2
TwentyFifteen 2
TwentyNineteen 2
TwentySeventeen 2
TwentySixteen 2
Tyche 2
Virtue 2

PWAMP WordPress Online

PWAMP WordPress Online is the SaaS version of PWAMP WordPress Premium.

Since premium version users want to test/use the personal conversion package before they pay, and I want they pay before they get the code, so I provide PWAMP WordPress Online as the solution.

The code scenario is, when end users visit your web site, after WordPress generates web pages, PWAMP WordPress Online plugin will forward these pages to my transcoding server:; will convert them into AMP style and return these new pages to this plugin, then this plugin will display the pages to end users. Briefly: “PWAMP WordPress Premium” = “PWAMP WordPress Online” + “”.

Hestia Online
Hestia Online 2
Illdy Online
Illdy Online 2
Shapely Online
Shapely Online 2
TwentyFifteen Online
TwentyFifteen Online 2
TwentyNineteen Online
TwentyNineteen Online 2
TwentySeventeen Online
TwentySeventeen Online 2
TwentySixteen Online
TwentySixteen Online 2
Tyche Online
Tyche Online 2
Virtue Online
Virtue Online 2



Question: How to make web browser switch to AMP compliant pages?
Answer: Enter “” in your web browser address bar.

Question: How to make web browser switch to original theme/style pages?
Answer: Enter “” in your web browser address bar.