FlexPlat converts desktop web pages into mobile-friendly ones.

Flx is a mobile web Transcoding/Transforming proxy for Content Adaptation. It is a service platform. It helps to convert desktop web pages into mobile friendly ones.

Cloud WordPress
Cloud WordPress (CWordPress) is a cloud solution for WordPress theme. It sends WordPress data to Flx, receives new theme web pages from it, and echoes these pages to end users.

Mobile MyBB 1.6
Mobile MyBB 1.6 (MMyBB16) is a mobile-friendly MyBB 1.6 theme.

Mobile MyBB 1.8
Mobile MyBB 1.8 (MMyBB18) is a mobile-friendly MyBB 1.8 theme.

Mobile phpBB 3
Mobile phpBB 3 (MphpBB3) is a mobile-friendly phpBB 3 theme.

Mobile phpBB 3.1
Mobile phpBB 3.1 (MphpBB31) is a mobile-friendly phpBB 3.1 theme.

Mobile WordPress
Mobile WordPress (MWordPress) is a Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) complied WordPress theme.

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